Smart City: Case of Smart Bairro Safende Project


The Safende neighborhood is one of several peripheral neighborhoods in the city of Praia that arose in the absence of an expansion or territorial planning plan and, therefore, it grew in an unstructured, unbalanced and uncontrolled way. Despite urban advances in recent years, it is still seen as a disadvantaged and socially marginalized area, with all the problems inherent to this condition.

The project’s objective is to help integrate the neighborhood into the city’s sustainable development.

Thus, the project proposes the transformation the neighborhood of Safende into a Smart Neighborhood, according to the concept adopted by the Foundation to be a 4S neighborhood – Smart, Sustainable, Safe and Smile. The project should satisfy the 6 domains of a Smart City project: smart people, smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart living and smart governance.

This intended to be a pilot project with the purpose of being replicated in other informal neighborhoods in the country. The main mission of the project is to end the exclusion of informal neighborhoods.

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