Miguel Jiménez

Miguel Jiménez
President & CEO en Nektium Pharma
928 73 41 32
C/ Las Mimosas, 8 36118. Agüimes

Nektium’s founder, CEO, owner and president, Dr. Miguel Jiménez, graduated in Biology and completed a PhD in Marine Sciences. Early on in his scientific career he took a special interest in the research of plant based active compounds. Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, Nektium has grown under his careful leadership of 20 years to a leading producer and brand owner of quality botanical ingredients.

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We are a nutraceutical company located on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. Our company was born out of two friends’ shared passion for the phytochemistry and pharmacology of little known botanicals and their applications in health and wellness. Today we are still defined by this solid foundation of dedicated relationships and our love for nature and research.

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